Dr. Christiana Katti, Scientific Coordinator, Climate Change Initiative, The Cyprus Institute

Dr. Christiana Katti obtained her PhD degree in Molecular and Cellular Biology at Ohio University in 2005. She subsequently completed post-doctoral posts at the University of Florida (USA) and Oxford University (UK), where she focused her research on the molecular physiology of vision in both vertebrate and invertebrate animals.  In 2015 Dr. Katti was selected by the Ecuadorian government as a participant of the ‘Prometeo’ program, which allowed her to continue her research in association with the Pontificia Universidad Católica del Ecuador (PUCE) in Quito. Between 2015 and 2020 Dr. Katti was a professor at PUCE, where she lectured at the schools of Medicine, Biological Sciences, Nursing and Psychology. She joined The Cyprus Institute in 2020, in the capacity of Scientific Coordinator of the “Cyprus Government’s Initiative for Coordinating Climate Change Actions in the Eastern Mediterranean & Middle East (EMME-CCI)”.


20 Konstantinou Kavafi Street
2121, Aglantzia, Cyprus