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CyI President Prof. Costas Papanicolas Presents The Cyprus Government Initiative for Coordinating Climate Change Actions in the EMME Region, at COP25 in Madrid

12 December 2019

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“Cyprus Climate Change Initiative”

October and November 2019

Phileleftheros-Insider (pdf)
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The Cyprus Institute an Important Partner to the Ministry of Agriculture Regarding the Climate Change Initiative

21 May 2019

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2nd International Conference: Climate Change in the Mediterranean and the Middle East: Challenges and Solutions

13-14 October 2021

Politis – radio interview (audio stream)
Cyprus Mail
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Climate Crisis in the Eastern Mediterranean and Middle East region

6 October 2021

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2nd International Conference: Climate Change in the Eastern Mediterranean & Middle East

September – October 2021

Cyprus Mail (pdf)
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ANT1 TV 13-9-21 (video streaming)
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SIGMA TV “Protoselido” 20-9-21 (video steaming)
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OMEGA TV “Enimerosi Tora” 29-9-21 (video streaming)

Cyprus Government Climate Change Initiative: A Step Closer to Forming a Regional Climate Action Plan for the Eastern Mediterranean & Middle East Region

6 July 2021

SigmaLive & InBusiness News & Paideia News & InCy News & Palo (pdf)


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